The Montage was being built for a while in New Zealand as the Mararn. I don't think there are too many of these around.

From a Manta/Mararn fan in New Zealand: Apparently Graham McRae, a well known racing driver in the '70s originally brought the Mararn to NZ after taking a mould from an American car in the 70s,(must have been a Manta although there are a few differences).
They were originally VW kits as per the original Manta. Another company later developed a spaceframe for the Mararn and used a Japanese FWD unit in a similar configuration to the later Montages. A local guy used to race a Mitsubishi Evo powered car but unfortunately crashed it at high speed a couple of years ago.
Apparently the moulds and spaceframe jigs for a V8 powered car are still available for sale. I have been told that the local 'Saker' car ( uses the same windscreens so they are also still available in NZ if required by anyone Stateside.

Photos: Garry Stanley