Some general company information...

Update 08-28-2012: Several parts are now available including Mirage rear subframes, Montage headlight buckets and Mirage upper doors. Check out the Products section.

Update 01-15-2012: Mantacars, LLC is now taking orders for Mirage rear subframes. You can email us for more information.

Update 09-01-2011: Mantacars, LLC (as it has now formally become) is working a new Mirage rear subframe to replace the old Corvair bits and utilize C5 Corvette suspension. Along with the rear subframe, we are also now taking on Manta build and fabrication projects.

Update 06-01-2010: GT Reproductions' M6GT molds were purchased and they are no longer producing McLaren replicas. We hope to see something official from the new fabricator soon.

Update 02-15-09: We have decided to no longer sell parts or kits of any kind. All remaining inventory has been sold off. At this time, there is only one option I am aware of for anyone looking to purchase a new M6GT replica: GT Reproductions. I have not see their workmanship in person and have had very limited bsiness experience with them, but they do have a small website showing their kits and some information. I am aware of no one making an M8 replica.

Update 05-01-08: In the past year, we have formed a new relationship with MRD Racing in Canada to supply Mirage bodies and kits as well as a new M6GT replica. Currently, we have everything necessary to provide all custom parts for the Mirage (bodies, chassis, glass, etc). Later this year we plan to introduce a new M6GT replica (not the Montage) that will faithfully reproduce the classic coupe. But for now, we offer the most elusive Montage parts - windshields and windows - as well as a few upgrades - dual headlight conversion, radiator outlet, and tilt nose.
We are nearing the quarter-million mark for number of individual visitors to the site and have close to 500 active members on the Manta Forum.

Update 1-1-05: We have officially ceased doing business with Warp Five. They have been unable to complete orders in a timely manner and have been unresponsive to repeated email requests. I realize they are busy with other work commitments and simply don't have the time, energy, or resources to work on the Mantas. the website was started in 2000 as a hobby by myself, David Savage. After several years, thousands of hits, and at the prodding of Manta enthusiasts, turned into a business. In late 2002, we started selling small Manta-related accessories such as t-shirts, keychains, emblems and scale models. In early 2003, and Warp Five, Inc. reached an agreement to distribute Manta kits and parts. There is no connection between and Manta Cars, the company that originally built the Mirage and Montage.

Warp Five

Update 1-1-05: Warp Five appears to have ceased production of the kits due to other business commitments. During their time in business, they completed one or two tube frames, several body parts and one partially-built V6 Montage. Several Mirage windshields were also delivered, but there have been numerouos concerns about fit.

Warp Five, Inc., owned by Dave Schroeder, is currently building Manta GT (Mirage) and Montage kits and parts. They have been in the kit car business for over fifteen years.

Manta Cars

Brothers, Brad and Tim LoVette founded Manta Cars in 1973. Together they designed and built the Mirage as their premier car, then released the Montage in the late 70's. Brad was killed while racing in the 70's, but Tim forged ahead designing the Montage T-car and continuing to be as successful as ever. Due to a bad business deal in the 80's (no apparent fault of Tim's), Manta Cars' doors closed for business in 1986. At the time, they had produced around 1000 total cars (Mirage and Montage) and had just introduced a beautiful '53 Corvette replica. One '53 replica still exists - the whereabouts of the five on the assembly line are not know and are presumed dismantled or destroyed.